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Motivation for evangelisation through song

FREE AT LAST (album)
Steph Unger 

By BJ Perrett

steph unger free at lastSTEPH Unger never fails to inspire the Christian spirit into prayerful toe-tapping, especially on her new album Free at Last.

Motivated by the portrayal of young people, especially teenage girls in music, Unger has worked to create music that is both enjoyable to listen to and incorporates appropriate Christian lyrics.

Her choice of album and song titles conveys a message of freedom – a message meant to free young teens burdened by low self-esteem.

Free at Last presents how freedom can be attained through Jesus Christ –freedom from the prejudices of everyday life.

I had never heard of Unger before hearing her album.

But now, having heard the wonderful music she creates, I not only want to hear more, but would recommend Unger’s music to others.

“Since music is what drives me to get up in the morning, I have dedicated my life to bringing music to others,” she says.

This music-driven motivation for evangelisation through song, helped Unger to get to where she is today.

Having been through university, and working as a religion teacher in a Catholic school, she discovered again, and wholeheartedly, got involved in her Catholic faith.

Being a music teacher also inspired Unger to follow her dream of being a musician – a dream accomplished through her new album.

Free at Last has a variety of upbeat songs, contemplative, prayerful songs and songs that make you want to get up and dance.

Unger has accomplished what she set out to do – become a musician and share her passion for music with others through Free at Last.

Free at Last is not only a “clean” album, but is a great joy to listen to.

The composition, especially of Don’t Look Down and I Came Alive, is vibrant, upbeat, and contrasts to the other songs on the album.

This contrast creates a variety that makes the album so much more enjoyable.

Unger’s use of lyrics also invigorates an atmosphere that is similar, if not better than, that of mainstream pop music.

For example, these lyrics from Free: “… Finally I’ve found my reflection, it meets the colour of my heart … let the light shine through my eyes, … finally I am free”, reflect the freedom message of the album.

They also pertain to a confidence and perseverance that is necessary in everyday life, especially among teens.

The lyrics of the album also inspire action that most other mainstream, contemporary artists lack in their music.

Instead of creating a temporary atmosphere, the album allows the message it conveys to be motivation and confidence boosters.

Oh, I almost forgot a significant quality of Unger’s music; it has a message – mainstream music doesn’t, it is solely “for the moment”.

The audio presented in the album is of a better quality than most other songs created using professional studios.

So if teens today prefer the melodies of electronically produced music they won’t be disappointed by Unger’s album.

Although it may not be as top quality, “polished” like the music of today, it certainly has elements that contribute to its overall appeal.

These include the simplicity of her music – it is not jam-packed full of sounds that complicate the brain – which allows attention to be drawn to the spiritual and practical lyrics being presented.

Overall, Unger’s new album Free at Last is greatly enjoyable, presents relevant messages and is inspirational – a definite must-have for anyone with sensible music taste.

It was released on July 1.

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