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HOW SHE MOVE – Morale of the young lifted through dance

Starring: Tracey Armstrong and Cle Bennett
Director: Ian Iqbar Rashid
Rated: M

Sometimes film reviewers become more expert in areas that they don’t necessarily aspire to. It’s just that they see so many films.

How She Move is a case in point. In recent years we have seen Step Up, Step Up 2: the Streets and Stomp the Yard.

We know something about ‘Stepping’, a kind of stomping, athletic style of dance movement that has become something of a visual version of rap, with ‘crews’ and ‘teams’ from the streets vying with each other.

It can sometimes be a new type of artistic gang competitiveness, if not warfare.


Set in Toronto, this variation on the theme (much the same plots with plenty of energetic step scenes) focuses on a young woman who has high hopes and good results for going to medical school.

She has been able to get out of the neighbourhood. However, her older sister dies of an overdose and the family money for her course is used up.

She tries for a supplementary exam for a scholarship but, in the meantime, gets caught up in ‘stepping’ with the possibility of winning the $50,000 competition prizemoney.

Along the way, there are plenty of dramatics, hostility from friends, rivalries in the crews, pressure from her mother.


Rutina Wesley gives it all she’s got for another morale-boosting story for people to have more self-confidence and benefit by their talents.


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