Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Starring: Animation film voiced by Will Ferrell and Drew Barrymore
Director: Matthew O’Callaghan
Rated: G

I’M glad I saw Curious George with some four and five-year-olds rather than eight or nine-year-olds.

The latter would have thought it just for littlies. The littlies seemed to be engrossed with it more or less, though they still had to drag parents out for toilet breaks.

Actually, for this age group it is quite charming in its way, relying more on action and antics rather than characters and dialogue.

For adults, it is a benign version of King Kong where an inept academic explorer from America, trying to do an Indiana Jones, wants to discover a long lost idol but finds, instead, a curiously cute little monkey.

It is only fair that George, the monkey, goes to New York since, with Madagascar and The Wild, the process seems to be that cartoon animals are fleeing New York zoos for African climes.

Will Ferrell voices the bespectacled hero turned adventurer and Drew Barrymore his teacher girlfriend. Dick Van Dyke is the proprietor of the museum.

Colourful and sweet.

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