Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Starring: Emma Roberts, Joanna Levesque, Julia Blake and Bruce Spence
Director: Elizabeth Allen
Rated: PG

AQUAMARINE is a film for those younger girls who love Hilary Duff movies, some of the Lindsay Lohan movies and, definitely, those for whom The Princess Diaries movies were the best of the year.

Emma Roberts and Joanna (JoJo) Levesque, as best friend 13 year-olds get the chance to matchmake for the lifeguard they swoon over.

Since he is too old for them and since his girlfriend is what they describe on the beach as a “sand witch”, they are overjoyed when Aquamarine, a mermaid, turns up one morning after a tremendous storm in their swimming pool.

There are some minor crises because Aquamarine is keeping this all secret.

She does have legs as well as a tail but her legs disappear when the sun sets so she has to get back to water in time, or else. And so on.

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