Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Starring: documentary
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Rated: PG

PERHAPS many people underestimated the intelligence and capacities of Al Gore while he was in Congress and even when he was Vice-President to Bill Clinton.

Everyone has views on the 2000 presidential election count in Florida and the juridical decision against Gore in favour of George W. Bush.

Gore admits that this was very hard. But, he decided it was time to go back to an issue dear to his heart – global warming.

An Inconvenient Truth is an expertly made documentary incorporating a great deal of Al Gore’s slide show, illustrating the power of power point visuals, on the planet.

He has given it all over the world more than a thousand times.

This film brings it to vaster audiences and it has played at Cannes and a number of film festivals.

Throughout the film, a portrait of Al Gore, man, father, politician and campaigner, is backgrounded.

It is interesting, in view of the performances of George W. Bush, to listen to the articulate Al Gore.

The lecture is quite lucid. The science of global warning is clearly explained. Consequences are presented, at times disturbingly. However, the film is quite upbeat in tone, especially in indicating what means are already available (if there is personal and political will) to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

It urges its audiences to become actively involved.

In fact, Gore speaks about ethics and refers to awareness of this planetary crisis as a “moral imperative” for action.

In answering a difficulty that is so frequently raised, that of economic realities and combating global warming, he has an illustration where a scales has bars of gold on the one side and the planet on the other.

The gold looks tempting. And, what is on the other side? The planet itself. If there is no planet, there is no gold. If we save the planet, it will mean that we will survive and there will be economic development.

While the answer is as obvious as that, it remains a mystery why so many people cannot accept it let alone act.

An Inconvenient Truth, with its clarity and emotional persuasion, will help to make individuals and groups more alert and aware.

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