Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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What is the world coming to?

US Election

Worldwide concern: “Australia needs to pay close attention to the political consequences of this phenomenon in our strongest cultural, military and political ally.”

WITH Donald Trump, a four-time bankrupt reality TV star, possibly poised to lead the civilised world, we need to start considering what this may mean for Australia.  

Indeed it bears analysis why such a previously unthinkable situation might occur.  

Worse still, the only alternative may be Hilary Clinton.

The consequences of a mainstream media chasing 24/7 entertainment ratings mean that scrutiny and substance from our leaders is substituted by unchallenged pollie-waffle and slogans.  

Australia needs to pay close attention to the political consequences of this phenomenon in our strongest cultural, military and political ally.  

Indeed the entire world needs to start paying close attention to the nature of the increasingly unstable and irrational debate occurring in the world’s largest economy.

On the Republican side, Mr Trump’s policies would have dire economic consequences for the entire globe.  

Policies like imposing a 40 per cent tariff on Chinese goods would have a direct and devastating effect on Australia with our largest trading partner in China facing a cliff in export earnings, which would flow to demand.  

Whereas China has a trade surplus with the USA it has a deficit with Australia.  

Trump policies such as removing illegal Texans, about 40 million of them, would have a devastating effect on domestic consumption and manufacturing in the USA.  

The people targeted by that move typically contribute to low-skill, low-paying jobs.  

Without them the US manufacturing sector would stall.  

So too would its domestic consumption.

On the Democrat side, Mrs Clinton not only supports abhorrent partial-birth abortions and continued funding of body-part seller Planned Parenthood – who has many affiliates in Australia – but she continues to play denial with the situation in the Middle East.  

Her role in Benghazi where she allegedly covered up a terrorist attack against her own country, illustrates how ill-suited she would be as commander-in-chief.  

Trying to out-flank socialist Bernie Sanders for the Democrat nomination sees her committing the US to continued government tax and spend programs – hardly a successful formula for stimulating global demand.

With towering government debt, looming geo-political tensions in both the Middle East and in the pacific with a fast militarising China, the time for a steady hand is now.  

By David Goodwin

David GoodwinDavid Goodwin is a Catholic businessman from Brisbane and father of eight children. 

Written by: Guest Contributor
Catholic Church Insurance

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