Friday, August 23, 2019
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Pilgrims back and Fired Up With Energy

Pilgrims back and Fired Up With Energy

Since World Youth Day in Rome in August, about 90 young adults have returned to Brisbane archdiocese with incredible energy and vibrancy to share with their communities.

So much has happened already with pilgrims sharing stories of their journey with their friends and families, showing photos and giving gifts. Many pilgrims have also held dinners or presentation nights for their parish communities.

Archbishop John Bathersby, who led the pilgrimage through the Holy Land and on to World Youth Day, said that the faith of each person was deepened in some way and will have a positive impact on the Australian Church.

“The deeper relationship with Christ will have an impact on the archdiocese, both in the parishes where the young people live and the archdiocese in general,” he said.

However, this impact is hard to predict.

“This impact will be individual. It may be a desire to become more closely involved i

n youth work, or within the places the pilgrims are already working. The experience of this pilgrimage will show their deepened faith touching the particular situations in which they are in. It will have an impact wherever they are,” the archbishop said.

Brisbane archdiocesan Parish Youth Ministry Services co-ordinator, Michael Hart, said World Youth Day had put the spotlight on young people.

“Young people have had the experience of belonging to the bigger picture – a global Church. They were given a broader picture of what the Church is like all around the world. The pilgrims now have a greater sense of connection and relationship to others, both within the Australian society and beyond,” he said.

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