Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Sacramental lesson raises questions

I JUST want to comment on the “In the Spotlight” in last week’s edition.

My two grandchildren, in the second semester last year, made their First Reconciliation (Second Rite).

This semester they prepare for Eucharist and Confirmation.

Their preparation was such a joke, they too were told children are “without sin”.

They had to fill out a colouring in book, relating to the Bible in a sort of fashion, and be instructed by their parents.

Unfortunately, my daughter and her husband do not practise their faith, so they asked me to help in this regard, which I was happy to do.

However, when I started talking about sin that was a definite no-no.

I went to a meeting with my daughter and questioned this but it was fobbed off as being “old hat”.

There was never a mention about the graces received through frequent reconciliation.

The fact that no one went to Mass was not even questioned, let alone pointed out that this was indeed a grave sin.

It was suggested that they may like to go as a family sometime to know what is going on.

The actual Reconciliation ceremony was like a Pentecostal meeting – guitar playing, clapping and singing these fancy songs, you can’t possibly call them hymns.

But I have to say that the priest did try to instill into these little ones some sort of understanding of right and wrong, but he never mentioned sin, and then they had a little private “talk” with the priests who were present.

It was a joke.

I am just dreading the preparation for the other sacraments.

Name withheld
Brisbane, QLD

Written by: Staff writers
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