Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Students proud to call themselves future leaders  

Powerhouse of Leaders

Proud leaders: More than 500 students from 40 Catholic schools in the Brisbane archdiocese gathered at the fifth annual Powerhouse of Leaders.

A CHANCE to inspire “key leaders for the future” brought Catholic schools teachers, campus ministers, Catholic youth ministries, and staff from Brisbane Catholic Education back for the fifth annual Brisbane Powerhouse of Leaders.

More than 500 senior students from 40 Catholic schools in the Brisbane archdiocese attended the event on May 12.

Students were asked to personally reflect on “hard questions” about what got them out of bed in the morning, and what made them feel proud and inspired in their lives.

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge could not attend due to prior commitments, but sent his apologies in a video message.

He reminded students that leadership meant bringing life and light into the world.

“Some people light up the room when they walk out of it, but that’s not the kind of people we want you to be,” Archbishop Coleridge said.

United States Catholic worship leader Steve Angrisano returned for the second time after a successful run at last year’s event.

Husband and father of four Catholic schoolchildren Matthew Ames, who miraculously survived a toxic shock that has left him without any limbs, also shared his story with the students.

Brisbane Catholic Education deputy executive director Kevin Twomey said the Powerhouse of Leaders gave students “a religious experience that’s grounded in reality”.

“We have a number of guest speakers who will hopefully inspire and challenge these young people to think more broadly about their faith and way of life, and what they will commit to in the future,” he said.

“It’s a real attempt to try and inspire them to live a faith-filled life, guided by values and principles.”


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