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Following God’s call
Day of joy: Tru Nguyens family and friends at his Diaconate ordination.

Following God’s call

TRU Nguyen was born in Vietnam and lived there until he was nine years old.

For the next four years he became a refugee with his mother and sister.

They travelled from Vietnam to Cambodia, from Cambodia to Thailand, from Thailand to Malaysia, then from Malaysia to Australia.

They arrived in Australia in 1991 and settled in Adelaide, South Australia.

Tru has embraced Adelaide as his home town now.

Tru exclaims “Go Adelaide Crows, they are doing so well this year!”.

At the end of 2007 Tru embarked on a retreat at Douglas Park with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

He says “At that time my spiritual director guided me to listen attentively with my heart. Then draw all my strength to follow that desire. I did that and I found what I wanted most was to be loved by God and loved by the people I love and be able to love others as I am loved.”

“Now reflecting on this, I find my response to my vocation is also based on the faith that God is love. It is a faith decision because I am called to leave my familiar life before and enter into a new life without knowing how the new life will be.”

During that retreat Tru wrote a letter to the MSC expressing his interest in joining them.

He joined the MSC in 2008.

Now was to be ordained to the priesthood on July 24.

“Each of us has a vocation. That is, we are all called to live life to the full. We are all called to live as God’s beloved as Jesus lived. For me to live fully and to live as God’s beloved is ‘to be on earth the heart of God,’” he said.

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