Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Don’t feel like cooking? Try a little Tender Loving Cuisine


Tender Loving Cusine

Quality: Tender Loving Cuisine was an award-winning service providing healthy meals for people who are elderly, have disabilities or are food intolerant.

IN a world where the production and distribution of healthy food is becoming challenging, Tender Loving Cuisine has excelled as a popular and respected food delivery services along the east coast of Australia.

Tender Loving Cuisine’s “road to success”, a spokesperson said was the fact “small, proud and successful businesses are the backbone of our rich economy”.

“These businesses are usually started with the passion of one person, to provide a service that is as unique as it is a necessity,” the spokesperson said. 

“Elements for success include the vision to create a product that is needed in the community along with high standards of customer service and high levels of communication between departments.”

The spokesperson said that, built on that kind of foundation, Tender Loving Cuisine was an award-winning service providing healthy meals for people who were elderly, had disabilities or were food intolerant.

The food is homemade in TLC’s own kitchen.

“It is then passed on to friendly and professional delivery services by managers in Sydney, the North and South coasts of NSW, throughout Victoria and southern Queensland,” the TLC spokesperson said. 

“And with the help of kind and helpful Tender Loving Cuisine office staff the company has earned the respect of government departments and community organisations alike.”

Tender Loving Cuisine was founded by chief executive officer Jack Barker almost 21 years ago.

His vision was to offer a food service of the highest quality that was affordable to people from all areas of the community.

“I wanted to create an organisation that was always customer focused and I’m satisfied that our customers are getting a nutritious and delicious meal no matter what they choose from the menu, for me it’s all about community health and wellbeing,” Mr Barker said.

Nutritionist Maria Mitzkis said many dietitians and health professionals were recommending Tender Loving Cuisine as a healthy option. 

TLC has recently expanded its weekly deliveries to more than 3200 suburbs including places in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

Call Tender Loving Cuisine on 1800 801 200 or visit www.tlc.org.au.

This sponsored content has been provided by Tender Loving Cuisine for the annual Seniors’ Guide advertising feature.  The content also appeared in our October 2, 2016 edition as paid content.

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