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Called to be a missionary priest
Joyful time: Deacon Kurt Zion amongst his friends.

Called to be a missionary priest

IS God calling you to be a Missionary Priest?

Are you being called to leave your own people and nation in order to follow Jesus across boundaries of race, religion, culture, language and social class.

This is the charism of Columban Missionary Priests.

Deacon Kurt Zion is one young man who has answered the missionary call from God.

He was ordained a Deacon on March 15, 2015, in his home parish in the Philippines.

Kurt will be ordained priest later this year.

As a Columban seminarian, Kurt spent many years of spiritual formation and prayer, academic study and pastoral formation in preparation of his future missionary priestly ministry in another culture and land, different from his own.

On important part of the formation of Columban Seminarians, is a two-year overseas mission experience amongst people different from one’s own.

For Kurt, this first mission experience as a seminarian involved a two-year immersion amongst the Indo-Fijian people of Fiji.

Like all Columban Missionaries, Kurt soon discovered after a short time living in Fiji that God was waiting for him there.

God was present in the beauty of Creation in Fiji. God was present in the ministry of the Fijian Church to its people.

God was present of course in the hospitality and friendship of the Fijian people.

He was also present in their struggle for a more just and equitable society.

During Kurt’s two years in Fiji, he realised that God was calling him to work with the Fijian Church and people in bringing the Kingdom of God to those beautiful islands.

If you believe you have heard that same call from God to live your life as a missionary priest, please make contact with Columban vocations director Fr Dan Harding at

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