Friday, July 19, 2019
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Catholic schools commit to funding

Catholic schools commit to funding

CATHOLIC schools will now have greater clarity on Commonwealth funding in 2014 and will be able to plan accordingly.

This follows the commitment of all state and territory Catholic education commissions to the Commonwealth Government’s funding arrangements now known as the ‘Better Schools Plan’.

The National Catholic Education Commission, in an announcement on July 23, said it is “confident that under this legislation no school will be worse off and these funding arrangements will deliver significant increases over time for every child in the Catholic system”.

“Catholic education is appreciative of the constructive way in which both the Minister for Education, Bill Shorten and Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd have engaged in discussions to resolve these matters,” the statement said.

“The arrangements will progressively deliver increased Commonwealth funding to each State’s Catholic education system based on common measures of student need across all education sectors.

“To achieve full implementation of the plan, the Catholic sector will participate in the key scheduled reviews, particularly of indexation and SES methodology that are scheduled to occur between 2014-16.”

Discussions are continuing between the Federal Government and the South Australian and Western Australian authorities.

“Catholic Education South Australia will continue to work with the South Australian Government to revise the current agreement that results in minimal additional funding for several years from 2014,” the statement said.

“Catholic education in Western Australia has unique needs and two outstanding funding issues remain unresolved.

“Catholic education in Western Australia will continue discussions with the Australian Government to ensure funding reflects the needs of students and schools in Western Australia.”


Written by: Paul Dobbyn
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