Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Catholics, Anglicans unite for prayer

(From left) Bishop Brian Finnigan, Archbishop Phillip Aspinall and Archbishop John Bathersby light a single candle at the ecumenical service
Picture: Alan Edgecomb


Catholics, Anglicans unite for prayer

CATHOLICS and Anglicans gathered at St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, on November 10 for the annual service of Prayer for Reconciliation for the Brisbane and Toowoomba dioceses of the two Churches.

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall of Brisbane represented the Anglican Church, and was joined by Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane and apostolic administrator of Toowoomba Bishop Brian Finnigan, from the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Bathersby preached the homily.

He said they gathered as “Anglicans and Roman Catholics to praise and worship God and to recognise the fact that we are Christians who acknowledge the magnificence of Jesus Christ”.

“Together we share so much, the similarity and beauty of our liturgy, our proclamation of the Gospel, the fullness and power of our sacraments, our combined concern for the poor and needy of the world, and finally but not least the magnificent style and colour of our liturgical clothing and the sheer beauty of our music,” Archbishop Bathersby said.

He said coming together as Christians meant “a great deal for all of us”.

“Ever so slowly we are beginning to realise together how deeply we love Jesus and how much we will be able to contribute together to a better world,” he said.

“Please God, in these most interesting, not depressing, times, that God will continue to show us a way forward.”


Written by: Peter Bugden
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