Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Echoes of a Poet’s Mind

This week's People story is on Irish poet and author John O'Donohue (pictured), who visited Brisbane recently to promote his third book, Conamara Blues, a collection of poems about his home country in the west of Ireland...

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Quiet Faith of a Public Leader

This week's People story is on the Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Frank Carroll (pictured), who grew up in a small rural community, never dreaming of holding such a prominent position within the Australian Church...

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Ecumenical Vocation

This week's People story is on Bishop Michael Putney (pictured) who will be installed as the new bishop of Townsville on March 27...

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Athlete Chooses Faith Over Sport

THIS week's People story is about Melissa Dwyer (pictured) who has given up a bright career as an athlete to become a postulant with the Canossian Daughters of Charity...

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Conductor’s Love of Hymns

THIS week's People profile is on Stephen Lightbody (pictured) a composer, conductor and CD producer who is involved with the Cantible Singers, a community choral ensemble from Logan City...

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Finding New Love for God

THIS week's People profile is on Yanis Bayada (pictured), who is rediscovering her love for God through creative and motivational means...

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