Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Around the table with Yuletide ‘orphans’

THIS week's Christmas People story features Brisbane food writer, cook and prominent Catholic Jan Power, who will share her Christmas dining experience with her 'orphans', people who would otherwise spend the day alone...

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Christmas on the police beat

THIS week's People story is on Deacon Mick Lappin who, as senior police chaplain in Brisbane, will be counselling police who have to deal with death, violence or suicide over the Christmas period...

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Christmas with asylum seekers

THIS week's People story is on 18 year-old university student Meg Foley (pictured), who will skip Christmas with her family on the Sunshine Coast to instead play Santa to asylum seeker children in the Port Hedland Detention Centre...

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Artistic mission fulfils a dream

THIS week's People story is on 66 year-old Queensland grandmother and artist Megg Cullen (pictured), whose lifelong yearning to work in a mission country came true when she volunteered to paint murals for a church's Marian shrine in the Kiribati islands...

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Battling culture of death

THIS week's People story is on Msgr Philip Reilly (pictured), a 79 year-old priest of Brooklyn diocese in New York, who has been involved in the pro-life movement for 36 years and founded the Helpers of God's Precious Infants...

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In search of the human face of Jesus

THIS week's People story is on biblical scholar, Missionary of the Sacred Heart Father Cyril Connolly (pictured), who is on a mission to find the human face of Jesus in the Gospel of John...

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Faith drives star of Passion

ACTOR Jim Caviezel (pictured), who plays Jesus in Mel Gibson's upcoming movie The Passion, had considered quitting showbusiness until an amazing string of coincidences turned his life around...

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Priest all revved up

THIS week's People story is on Albany Creek parish priest, Fr Ron Mollison (pictured), whose commitment to parish duties will preclude him from indulging in another passion for motor racing at this weekend's Indy race on the Gold Coast...

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