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Living in St Francis’ habit

Fr Dean Mathieson

HOODIES are a common winter wardrobe for many Australians, but for Capuchin friars, they are a lifelong habit. It’s also the Italian origin of their name – “capuccio” – literally meaning “hoodie”. In September, the Brisbane archdiocese welcomed their newest “hoodie” on the block, gentle Melbournian Capuchin Father Dean Mathieson. The youngest of four children, Fr Dean grew up in ... Read More »

Blessed by Cursillo movement

Rhonda and Steve Porteous in Samoa

RHONDA Porteous remembers a “strong, strange smell of fish” and the sight of a vast stretch of ocean floor just before the first of four tsunami waves struck the seaside village of Pago Pago in American Samoa. Even four years later, Brisbane resident Rhonda also recalls her terror aboard a small bus as the driver Rain Timu sped up a ... Read More »

Our Lady brought Roy to Church

Our Lady brought Roy to Church

Cap: Roy Schoeman: “All I wanted to do was know who this God was, and know what religion to follow, and know how to worship him properly.”    FORMER conservative Jew Roy Schoeman didn’t anticipate being a follower of Christ, let alone a Catholic. The author of Salvation is from the Jews and Honey from the Rock gave a public ... Read More »

Moving forward with faith and inspiration

Heather Stabler

AFTER 32 years as a Catholic primary school teacher, Heather Stabler’s world began to fall apart when she lost her battle to function in the classroom with Multiple Sclerosis.After leaving her beloved career, she eventually lost her house and car and at 61 lives in an aged care facility at Coorparoo.“I would have lost much more – any sense of ... Read More »

New era of faith for Mongolia

New era of faith for Mongolia

By DAVID McGOVERN  HE may have a gentler approach than the famous Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan, but Bishop Wens Padilla is no less determined to transform the world around him. As the head of the Church in Mongolia, Bishop Padilla is committed to conquering the hearts and minds of the local population, estimated at three million souls. It may not ... Read More »

A tale of courage and hope for others

Michaela Hillam

HOW does a woman know she’s being abused? That’s a question Michaela Hillam has been asking formore than eight years. While she’s known for being the Ignite Conference project officer and working as the marketing officer for Christian Supplies, Michaela is also a prolific writer and aspiring author. The 24 year old recently finished the draft of her first book, ... Read More »

Accepting the call to serve God’s plan

Accepting the call to serve God's plan

 “I HOPE I’m not called to be a priest.” Brisbane seminarian Josh Whitehead, 32, thought this twice in his twenties as a young man growing up in New Zealand. No doubt he was not the first young man with a priestly vocation to think this way. Good-looking and physically fit, he was enjoying life to the full. Why complicate things ... Read More »

Angus’ faith renewed at WYD Rio

LATE on Sunday, July 21, Angus Jones walked beneath a clear Rio de Janeiro sky that governed an unusually quiet Copacabana beach. Angus sunk his feet in the soft, white sand, gazing up at the roaring sea. Excitement rushed over him as he saw the brilliant white cross, placed squarely above the large stage sitting at the head of the beach. ... Read More »

Retiring legend’s life full of giving

Centacare retirement celebration

WOODRIDGE’S Patrick Crilly has not lost his soft Irish lilt even though he arrived in Australia nearly 50 years ago.Neither has he lost his love for the Church nor supporting the vulnerable in his role as senior field officer for Home Assist Secure Services for some 18 years.Yet the Derry City native proved to be retiring in both senses of ... Read More »

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