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A memory of the heart

Picthing in: Bishop John Gerry helps out with the washing up during a visit to Boystown, Beaudesert, in 1989.

By Paul Dobbyn  BISHOP John Gerry’s rolled-up-sleeves approach to ministry is captured in a photo taken of him washing up with some young chaps at Boystown in 1989. “I was very happy to have that as my image in a history of the archdiocese,” he said, smiling at the memory as he surveyed the view from the balcony of his ... Read More »

Brothers remembered

Webb brothers

By Paul Dobbyn MEMORIES were flowing faster than the Mary River in flood at a Memorial Mass and reunion to celebrate the lives of Gympie’s musical Webb brothers Marius and Fabian. Gympie Brothers Old Boys including Mass celebrants Fathers Frank Gilbert and Pat Cassidy, surviving Webb brother Berard, the brothers’ wives and children and bush poet Noel Stallard were among ... Read More »

The unforgettable gift of life

Pamela Hayes

PAMELA Hayes felt overwhelmed with love when she held her first son tightly in her arms and wondered if being in Heaven felt the same way. The first-time mum, aged 25, wasn’t expecting this amount of love, and as she looked down at her child, she questioned her decision to give him up for adoption. Pam’s pregnancy in 1976 was ... Read More »

A mother’s undying love

Hope amidst grief: Anthony, Jacinta and Michael Goodwin with a cherished photograph of young Joseph taken last Christmas.

By Paul Dobbyn DESPITE his tragic death several months ago, the presence of young Joseph Goodwin is still alive in his Oxley home. There’s his cheeky-faced photograph on the wall taken last Christmas, not long before his short two years and six months on earth ended, “just before Ash Wednesday”, as his father Anthony said. Then there’s “Joseph’s Way of ... Read More »

Following the call

Growing order: Good Samaritan Sisters congregation leader Sr Clare Condon welcomes two novices, Sr Juniko Toaua and Sr Tuata Terawete to the order.

KIRIBATI women are embracing religious life as two more women joined the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict this month. Tuata Terawete and Juniko Toaua, of the Republic of Kiribati, are among the already nine women from their country who have joined the Good Samaritan Sisters. The two Kiribati-born and raised women took their First ... Read More »

Dedicated to excellence

Passionate advocate: The image of Mike Byrne many students, teachers and others in the wider community will be familiar with.

By Paul Dobbyn “I’M not an aggressive banging-the-table type of person in negotiations with education funding; it’s more about having people understand the story of Catholic education.” Mike Byrne, who’s just retired after nine years at the helm of Queensland Catholic Education Commission, with these words gives an insight into many aspects of his character. Mike’s quietly spoken, but his ... Read More »

Always a ‘yes’ man for God

By Emilie Ng SHAYNE Bennett may have given up his time as Emmanuel Community’s moderator, but he’s put no expiry date on his personal mission to evangelise the world. To date, Shayne has preached the Gospel on every continent “other than down in the Antarctic with the seals and the whales”. “Though if I had the opportunity, I probably would,” ... Read More »

Thankful spirit shines

Deep connections: Frankie O’Leary, now a St Stephen’s Cathedral guide, once went to St Stephen’s School next door. Photo: Paul Dobbyn

By Paul Dobbyn COLOURFUL Frankie O’Leary’s many loves include her family, her faith, volunteering and Brisbane’s mighty Broncos. The spritely 71-year-old’s bright pink hair renders her unmissable in any scenario – whether as a guide in St Stephen’s Cathedral or at a crowded football match. She dyed her hair for the Leukaemia Foundation Appeal 11 years ago and she’s kept ... Read More »

Free to sing for Christ

Set free: Brisbane musician Steph Unger is hoping to flip the music industry upside down with her repertoire of positive, uplifting lyrics. Photo: Emilie Ng

By Emilie Ng STEPH Unger is tired of hearing the barrage of pop songs with inappropriate, demeaning and degrading lyrics. As a former teacher at Our Lady’s College, Annerley, an all-girls’ Catholic secondary school, Steph witnessed first-hand the way music could mould minds, especially young women. “Sometimes the content or the way that men might talk about women or women ... Read More »

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