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Catholic education shaped Annabel

Annabel Pike: “There’s nothing you can’t handle if you’ve got family and faith by your side.”

By Emilie Ng ANNABEL Pike knows first hand that childhood dreams can never be brushed off as trivial nonsense. From the time the 23-year-old was in primary school, nursing was at the top of her list of things she could do as an adult. The dream never subsided, thanks to ... Read More »

Humble service in the vineyard of the Lord

Fr Lino Valente: Queensland’s only diamond jubilarian priest this year. Photo: Selina Venier

By Selina Venier FR LINO Valente’s name is as synonymous with the Granite Belt, near Queensland’s southern border, as is the production of fruit and wine. Ordained in St Mary’s Church, Warwick, on June 29, 1954, the jovial Stanthorpe identity is, this year, the longest-serving living priest in the Province ... Read More »

Art for art’s sake

Beth Belton: “At heart it’s about art, artists, people and the cathedral all coming together, and when you read the history of art, you can see how very important it has always been to cathedrals.”

By Adrian Taylor ARTISTS need the Beth Belton’s of this world. The energetic Cathedral of St Stephen Art Group member is an admirer, facilitator, a friend and patron of artists in the best sense of the word. Together with her fellow volunteers, COSSAG are soon to mount their signature event – ... Read More »

Donna responding to Gospel truth

Donna McDade: “And your purpose is … to love and be loved. That’s it.”

By Peter Bugden “NEW evangelisation” is a phrase often on the lips of popes and other Church leaders of recent times, but Brisbane Catholic Donna McDade has a slight twist for the work she does among young people. It’s called “super stealth evangelisation”. It’s what happens when she lives her ... Read More »

Struggle in men conquered by new book

Randy Hain

By Emilie Ng MEN are struggling to find their place in the world and be faithful to their Catholic faith, an American author of a new book for Catholic men said. Randy Hain is the author of Journey to Heaven: A road map for Catholic men, and co-founder of Catholic ... Read More »

Joy a sign of God’s presence

Br Brian Grenier: “The surest index of the presence of God to me is joy.”

By Peter Bugden TURNING 80 earlier this year, Christian Brother Brian Grenier knows well at least one of the graces of growing old and he appreciates that grace day by day. It’s the grace of finding a little more time for prayer. Br Grenier, who has lived a busy life ... Read More »

A channel of God’s peace

Journey to healing: Fr Emmanuel Nsengiyumva is among those leading Rwandans to forgiveness and reconciliation after the trauma of genocide.

By Paul Dobbyn RECONCILIATION with the alphabet was one obstacle Rwandan Fr Emmanuel Nsengiyumva didn’t expect to encounter on his path to healing after the deep wounds left by 1994’s genocide in his home country. During a horrific 100 days as many as 1 million Rwandans were killed or tortured in ... Read More »

Janelle’s at peace with her loving preacher man

Janelle Jones: “But God provides. It’s just amazing. We haven’t really noticed it – not that we have a very flamboyant lifestyle, anyway.”

By Peter Bugden EACH Sunday when Janelle Jones is listening to the homily at Mass she knows better than anyone else where the preacher is coming from – because the one doing the preaching is her husband. Janelle’s husband of 37 years, Michael Jones, is a deacon ministering in the ... Read More »

Finding peace with Jesus

Young missionary: Niamh Healy.

By Emilie Ng ST Augustine knew that a Godless life was an empty life when he famously penned in Confessions, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they find rest in You”. He realised the need to let God into his heart, which ... Read More »

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