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Queensland Senator Matthew Canavan found God in Holy Matrimony

Senator Matthew Canavan

AUSTRALIA’S youngest sworn Federal Cabinet Minister is glad he never fell to the Communists.Matthew Canavan was 17 and finishing high school at Chisholm Catholic College, Cornubia, when he flirted with the idea of being a Communist.He was already a member of Edmund Rice Camps, a ministry started by the Christian ... Read More »

Young newlyweds see Catholic Church as powerful force for good in Australia


“TORRENTIAL” but inconsequential rain greeted Nick McAlpine as he awaited Caroline Woods before their June 4 nuptials in Brisbane this year. Nick “only had eyes” for his “beautiful bride”, Caroline for the man who makes her heart “sing”, their union soon sealed by the God who inspires shared and active faith. The ... Read More »

Slum dwellers turn the tables in Heather’s life

Heather Henderson

THE people of the slums in Nairobi, Kenya, have turned the tables on volunteer aid worker Heather Henderson – giving her as much, if not more, than she gives them.Hailing from Brisbane, she’s there as a volunteer for Palms Australia, living among the poor and working at a primary school.And ... Read More »

Faith woman Malarndirri McCarthy primed for Senate role

Senator Malarndirri McCarthy

ON the eve of being formally declared the Northern Territory’s new Labor senator, Malarndirri McCarthy, like many Australians, sat watching television transfixed and appalled at images of cruel and haunting abuse in youth detention centres.“When Australians can sit and watch a young child be brutalised in the fashion that we ... Read More »

Paul Stevenson, the Australian psychologist who blew whistle on Nauru: It’s worse than prison

Paul Stevenson

PAUL Stevenson’s dealt with the trauma of the Port Arthur massacre, the Bali bombings and the Boxing Day tsunami but none of it compares with what he’s seen on Nauru and Manus Island.And speaking out about it has cost him his job.His voice joins yet another loud chorus of protest ... Read More »

How the confessional brought this London gangster back from the dead

John Pridmore: “I could not believe God could love someone like me with all the terrible things I had done, but He kept showing me that He loved me and accepted me.”

Photo: Mark Bowling

FORMER London gangster John Pridmore had a reputation as a violent enforcer.One night, while working as a bouncer at a West End nightclub owned by the mob, he savagely beat a man. He did it to impress one of his gangland bosses.Wearing knuckledusters, John landed one last powerful punch and watched ... Read More »

Third Paralympics looms for unsung ‘tough guy’

Cameron's adversity: Once I got out of the hospital bubble and I was back at home, it started to really hit me. You’re not the person you want to be and therefore you’re not the son, brother or friend you want to be.

CAMERON Carr doesn’t sound tough.He’s softly spoken, painting his words with a gentle smile that would make any mum proud.His handshake won’t cut the circulation to your fingers. To those who don’t know him, he can seem shy.But Cameron Carr is one of the toughest blokes in Brisbane.Not that he’ll ... Read More »

Former pilot honoured by Church and French people says ‘Thanks, Lord’

Ron Hickey

ABOVE dark clouds, Ron Hickey piloted his heavy bomber home from battle.In a split second, another warplane whizzed across the nose of his cockpit, missing by centimetres.“Now I’m moving at about 280 miles per hour (450km/h) and he’s cutting across at the same speed, and my wingtip very nearly took ... Read More »

How a teetotaller Jesuit Brother became a winemaker honoured by the Queen

Jesuit Brother John May

A JESUIT with a nose for a good wine was the toast of one of South Australia’s heavenly vineyard regions recently when the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours were announced.Br John May, winemaker emeritus at the Jesuits’ Sevenhill Cellars in the Clare Valley, was admitted as a member in the General Division ... Read More »

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