Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Art for art’s sake

By Adrian Taylor ARTISTS need the Beth Belton’s of this world. The energetic Cathedral of St Stephen Art Group member is an admirer, facilitator, a friend and patron of artists in the best sense of the word. Together with her fellow volunteers, COSSAG are soon to mount their signature event – the annual winter exhibition and art prize competition from July ... Read More »

Donna responding to Gospel truth

By Peter Bugden “NEW evangelisation” is a phrase often on the lips of popes and other Church leaders of recent times, but Brisbane Catholic Donna McDade has a slight twist for the work she does among young people. It’s called “super stealth evangelisation”. It’s what happens when she lives her Catholic faith in running retreats and workshops for school students ... Read More »

Struggle in men conquered by new book

By Emilie Ng MEN are struggling to find their place in the world and be faithful to their Catholic faith, an American author of a new book for Catholic men said. Randy Hain is the author of Journey to Heaven: A road map for Catholic men, and co-founder of Catholic eMagazine and website Integrated Catholic Life, a book that addresses ... Read More »

Children flourish when they are loved

By Sr Elvera Sesta EVERY so often, an event occurs that makes you stop and take stock. Let me tell you about one that happened to me recently. It was with my Year 10 Religious Education class – 14 to 15-year-old girls. One girl in particular, Mary (not her real name), was not really interested in anything that I had ... Read More »

Joy a sign of God’s presence

By Peter Bugden TURNING 80 earlier this year, Christian Brother Brian Grenier knows well at least one of the graces of growing old and he appreciates that grace day by day. It’s the grace of finding a little more time for prayer. Br Grenier, who has lived a busy life on many levels – teaching from Gympie to Rome, Grade ... Read More »

A clean heart create in me, O God

By Anthony Esolen MY father was the least prudish man I’ve ever known, taking the ordinary goodness of the body completely for granted. That meant, of course, that he turned away from prurient things with sheer indifference, or bemused contempt. One day I was watching on television the BBC’s production of The Tempest, a silly affair featuring an androgynous soft-bellied ... Read More »

Living in a world of wonder

By Peter Holmes  MY earliest memory is of my father introducing me to snow. Snow was a rarity in our part of the world, only falling once or twice in a lifetime. As soon as he saw the flakes falling through our kitchen window, my father swept me, a two-year-old boy, into his arms and stepped out into the cold ... Read More »

Young children easily learn to love Mary

A SALUTE to the St Rita’s Parish Rosary Group, Victoria Point, on fostering love of the Rosary among primary school pupils, as reported in The Catholic Leader, June 15. Teachers know that young children identify with Mary as a gentle, loving Mother.  It is easy and natural for them, and they love learning how to pray with – and cherish ... Read More »

Right to be treated with compassion

I NOTE in the issue of June 1 a photo of carnage due to a bomb blast in Nigeria, which killed at least 118 people and will leave others crippled for life. We are fortunate in Australia that our cities aren’t disfigured by shell-shocked buildings, smoking ruins and dead citizens. I feel your correspondent Frank Pulsford, of Aspley, is unduly ... Read More »