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Well done Archbishop Mark

MY Nigerian son in law, living in Sydney, was so excited that Archbishop Mark Coleridge cared enough to go to Nigeria for his priests’ ordination ceremony. Well done Archbishop Mark and well done to The Catholic Leader for the great reporting and pictures of such happy faces at the event. Susan MacleodNewcastle, QLD   Read More »

Guida’s happy sharing her knowledge with Timorese

By Guida Cabrita ASK me what I was doing every Thursday night in Brisbane and I would answer, “late-night shopping”. There would always be that sense of achievement when I found a parking space, the difficult decision of should I go Subway, Chinese or Turkish? Do I have room for a Maccas’ ice cream? Shopping was also a great excuse ... Read More »

Remembering Daniel

By Paul Dobbyn “IF love could have saved you, you’d have lived forever.” Written in light script above that smiling, youthful face, burnt into a nation’s consciousness over more than a decade, the words are on Daniel Morcombe’s headstone. The 13-year-old’s grave is near the apex of the small and neat, well-treed, horseshoe-shaped drive that is Woombye Cemetery. The Morcombes were ... Read More »

I have called you by name

By Sr Elvera Sesta EARLY last month I was a delegate at the Presentation Sisters’ chapter. This is a special time when, every five years, the Sisters gather together to elect their Congregational leader and the Councillors who will lead the Congregation for the next five years. We were a group of about 40 women who have known one another, ... Read More »

Questioning media’s motives on abortion

THE national media is in top form with their denials about abortion problems. They castigated Fred Nile for disclosing the reason of suicide by a very well known and loved woman. Charlotte Dawson openly talked in her diary about an abortion causing her depression. The media does not want to know. They are blasting Senator Eric Abetz about his comments ... Read More »

Devoted to St Mary

By Emilie Ng DIVINE assistance from Australia’s first saint led Brisbane woman Carmel Gribban to doctors who saved her from a life-threatening fistula on her brain. In 2007, Carmel was diagnosed with a rare dural arteriovenous fistula where her cerebral artery, which circulated blood into the brain, was abnormally connected to the main cerebral vein, which pumps blood away from the ... Read More »

Free to be a woman

By Emilie Ng CONFESSING fidelity to the Catholic Church and her teachings on moral issues makes Catholic advocate for marriage, family and religion and law professor, Helen Alvaré, unpopular. But as far as Church in America is concerned, and now increasingly throughout the world as her works become more widely spread, Dr Alvaré is the key to unlocking a generation ... Read More »

Free us from evil

RECENTLY several media outlets carried reporting upon the attack against MH17 by Ukraine rebels that was particularly distressing.  The falling of Mystery Woman No. 26 into the home of Inna Tipunova personified intensely the failure to care for one of our own.  Then the words from Inna Tipunova, also a Ukraine resident.  She recounted how “… everyone cried for two ... Read More »

Matthew’s making the best of his one per cent

By Emilie Ng MATTHEW Ames didn’t weep when loving wife Diane explained three times that she had authorised doctors to amputate his arms and legs to save him from death by an infection. But the dedicated father of four couldn’t keep a dry eye when his wife shared that sons Luke, Ben, Will and daughter Emily had to prepare to ... Read More »

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