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50 Shades of Porn

By Jo Hayes IF you’ve spent any time on social media in the past few weeks, your newsfeed would most probably be filled with dozens of posts on the newly released film, 50 Shades of Grey. The floodgates have opened. Supporters and critics have come out in force, passionately backing or slamming the movie, which is expected to break records ... Read More »

Sr Gabi on urgent mission

By Emilie Ng SOUL brothers Jake and Elwood Blues claimed to be on a mission from God to save their childhood orphanage. But while the 1980 cult classic film characters’ mission was mere fiction, the mission from God for Sr Gabriela Aguilar, 35, is real, and according to her, urgent. “Everyone needs to know God,” the ever-joyful consecrated missionary sister ... Read More »

Courage and wisdom

THE page 2 column in the January 25 edition by Father Aidan Carvill struck a chord with me. As a father of eight and committed Catholic I am often bewildered by the number of students exiting the Catholic education system who seem to have so little knowledge of and commitment to their faith. I believe that the words spoken by ... Read More »

Loving God’s surprises

By Peter Bugden THE village of Umudike is renowned in Nigeria for agricultural research, particularly in root crops, but now in Brisbane archdiocese it can be remembered as the home town of Fr Anthony Ekpo. Fr Anthony, 33, is familiar around St Stephen’s Cathedral as an associate pastor of the cathedral parish and he’s often seen beside Archbishop Mark Coleridge ... Read More »

A pilgrimage truly full of faith

FOR 900 years members of the Order of Malta have taken two vows – Tuitio Fidei (Defence of the Faith) and Obsequium Pauperum (Service to the Poor and the Sick). The order holds its annual pilgrimage to Lourdes on the first weekend in May and extending over a week or more. The order has a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin, and especially to ... Read More »

Time to take action

IT’S always great to see your readers standing up for the lives of our unborn brothers and sisters in your letters page, (The Catholic Leader, January 25).   However it didn’t take much reading to realise that I seemed to be reading an unpaid ad. Of course the writer is correct about the Labor party, whose biggest scourge is Emily’s ... Read More »

Chris’ work goes global

By Peter Bugden BRISBANE man Chris Ng is like a “lone ranger” as he roams from one country to another bringing aid to the poorest of the poor. When he is moved by the tears and pain of people suffering because of war, hunger, disease and poverty, he doesn’t reach into his pocket to give money to an aid agency ... Read More »

Christians should be concerned about abortion

By Graham Preston IT would probably be fair to say most committed Christians believe abortion is something we should be concerned about. Human life is precious. It is uniquely created in God’s image and Jesus gave his life for us. Therefore, since abortion is the deliberate taking of young human life, we recognise that it is not a practice that ... Read More »

Developing wisdom over the years

SOME time ago, it seemed to be the custom for schools in Japan to become sister schools with a school in the West. A school run by the Ursuline Sisters in Sendai wanted to become our sister school here at St Rita’s. As principal, I was invited to their school to see how students from both of our schools would ... Read More »

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