Thursday, June 27, 2019
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The Faithful Castaways

CONCERNING the several responses to my letter (CL 13/8/00), which was itself a response to the proposition by Fr Ryan that without a priest there could not exist either community or Church, I am grateful for the interest given to the subject, but disappointed that my letter has been somewhat misread...

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Fair Treatment for Refugees

IT is disturbing to hear that hundreds more refugees on temporary protection visas will be released to fend for themselves in the Australian community...

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Syllabus Provides Balance

I'M disappointed that Mrs Monsour in her letter to the editor (CL 16/7/00) appears to have disregarded her own advice and failed to read through the Studies of Society and Environment syllabus, the sourcebook guidelines and modules of work...

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Young Star’s Big Break

This week's "People" profile looks at Courtney Bell (pictured) who plays Gretl von Trapp in The Sound of Music, currently on show at Brisbane's Lyric Theatre...

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Ruling a Threat to Fatherhood

THE Federal Court's ruling that single women in Victoria should be allowed to access IVF services leaves the status of fatherhood under threat...

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