Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Family diversity

THE traditional family is close to becoming an endangered species in Australia, and deserves special protection...

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Abandoning the rules

THE main thrust of Fr Kevin Ryan's article (CL 16/4/00) seemed to be that the real obstacle to living Christian lives today is "rules and regulations"...

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Champion of refugees

In this week's People profile, the co-ordinator of Brisbane's Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care, Jose Zepeda, tells how he believes Australians and the Catholic Church in this country can find a new direction by embracing the cause of refugees and asylum seekers ...

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Origins of ministry

FIRST I would like to acknowledge that Fr Hanlon (Question Box, CL 23/4/00) has captured a number of significant points with regard to the historical development of the ministry of permanent deacon in the Church...

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NA determination to succeed

In this week's People profile, the executive officer with Brisbane archdiocese's Justice and Peace Commission, Sister Annette Arnold, tells how her background as a member of the Josephite Order, and the example of its founder Sr Mary MacKillop, inspires her to keep fighting for a range of issues, including an apology from Prime Minister John Howard over the stolen generation issue...

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E Timor refugees must be returned

WASHINGTON (CNS): Reconciliation and the return of East Timorese refugees from Indonesia are needed for an independent East Timor, said a Church official and other activists...

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Jesus was not a vegetarian

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (CNS): Catholic leaders in America's Bible Belt have disputed a claim by a group calling itself People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that Jesus was a vegetarian...

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Church’s hand of compassion

While there has been considerable criticism of the Catholic Church for the way it has treated people of other faiths in the past, it should not be forgotten that the Church also has a long history of compassion for non-Christians...

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