Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Protest Setback

THE shocking scenes over Easter of demonstrators raiding the Woomera Detention Centre to free a few dozen refugee applicants have harmed the campaign for the fair treatment of asylum seekers...

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Easter on Show

IT is easy to lose sight of the significance of the Resurrection story when society's focus is on Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs...

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Pledge on Education Reform

I AM happy to answer the questions posed about the impact on Catholic education of the Government's package of reforms and proposals, 'Queensland the Smart State - Education and Training Reforms for the Future' (Reform plan upsets Catholic education, CL 17/3/02)...

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Creating Modern Penal Settlements

CREATING MODERN PENAL SETTLEMENTS WHILE much of the media spotlight in recent months has been on the asylum seekers being held in Australian detention centres, hundreds more are being incarcerated in neighbouring countries in the Pacific...

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Church is Dealing with Abuse

WITH all due respect to Ms Garside (CL 17/3/02), when Fr Kevin Ryan gave his examples of the kind of abuse where victims could move on he was contrasting that kind of abuse with sexual abuse which is a much harder issue to deal with because of its all encompassing nature and the spiritual damage it causes...

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Abortion Politics

AN assurance by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie that his Government will not introduce a bill to liberalise abortion laws offers only some comfort for Catholics...

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Facts About Costs of Relics Tour

AS diocesan co-ordinator of the pilgrimage of the relics of St Therese, I seek to address some of the implications of the article titled 'Cost of relics tour questioned', drawn from the Burleigh Heads parish newsletter in your March 10 issue...

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