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Condoms won’t stop AIDS

I WOULD like to address the article on the alleged debate within the Church on the matter of the use of condoms within marriage to prevent the transmission of AIDS (CL Christmas 2003)...

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Justice for the unjust

THE bearded and ruffled figure of Saddam Hussein shown on television after his capture is a far cry from the defiant dictator many had come to know from pictures during his days of power...

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Youth’s beginning experience

DESPITE being etched in stone since 1942 on the pillars of the cloisters of the former Pius XII Seminary at Banyo (now the Australian Catholic University Brisbane campus), I only recently noticed the Latin inscription 'Timor'...

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Around the table with Yuletide ‘orphans’

THIS week's Christmas People story features Brisbane food writer, cook and prominent Catholic Jan Power, who will share her Christmas dining experience with her 'orphans', people who would otherwise spend the day alone...

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Keeping children safe from harm

REVELATIONS of the types of situations that young people encountered at this year's Schoolies Festival on the Gold Coast are enough to shock any responsible parent...

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Challenges of faith education

THE Leader front page article (23/11/03) 'Religion not a factor' and the responses to it on 30/11/03 were of great value in highlighting concerns shared by many people in the Church...

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Christmas on the police beat

THIS week's People story is on Deacon Mick Lappin who, as senior police chaplain in Brisbane, will be counselling police who have to deal with death, violence or suicide over the Christmas period...

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Worth hosting

THE Australian Catholic bishops' decision to support a bid by Sydney to host World Youth Day in 2007 is thrilling news...

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