Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Anzac statistics tell true story

NANCY Brown (CL 23/5/04) and Jim Dowling (CL 18/4/04) both express concern about how school Anzac Day commemorations may give false ideas about the situation our human family faces...

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Case against abortion grows

A NEW poll in Queensland which found that 62 per cent of people believe abortion involves the taking a human life shows that there are good grounds for making it harder not easier to procure...

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Inspired by saint to a life of song

THIS week's People story is on Irish Catholic singer Marilla Ness (pictured) who while praying in a church built by St Francis of Assisi decided to dedicate her life to spreading the Good News through music...

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Mother’s Day on the road for singing stars

THIS week's People story is on Brisbane soprano Maggie Noonan who talks about how she will spend Mother's Day on tour with daughter and singer Katie Noonan For the full story, see this week's print edition of The Catholic Leader...

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Need to work in harmony

ARCHBISHOP John Bathersby's announcement this week which encourages greater co-operation between deaneries and parishes in Brisbane archdiocese is an important step in bringing together the people of God in this part of Australia...

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