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Christians stand up

DEFENDERS of the Christian model of marriage and family are being abused in the media because of the silent majority of Christians who will not stand up for their faith. The Toowoomba Chronicle last week indicated “Toowoomba residents have responded angrily to a TV ad campaign targeting the same-sex marriage lobby”. How is it that highlighting problems with an issue ... Read More »

Community builder at work

By Erwin Cabucos LIKE the journey of Catholics from the Philippines to other countries and into Australia, Fr Teri Nueva’s story is one that his people also endured. They have been immersed in the life of poverty and contrast, answered to the call of service, and settled and adjusted to the new land with much joy and happiness. “Anything will ... Read More »

Clara’s uncovering the gifts of the Holy Spirit

By Paul Dobbyn HANDING parents of a stillborn child in a Melbourne hospital a prayer shawl with religious medals and two red felt hearts attached was a simple gesture. But as Clara Geoghegan, founder of the Called and Gifted program in Australia, said, the blessings to flow from this act of charity have been immense. “It’s a story Leonie Rastas, ... Read More »

Take time to begin the conversation

By Adam Burns HAVE you ever caught yourself over-thinking something? It could be an embarrassing moment, or a comment someone made about you. Whatever it may be it replays in your head over and over. The more you think about it, the more the event blows out of proportion, becoming bigger and worse than it originally was. What’s lacking is ... Read More »

My Facebook holiday

By Bernard Toutounji OVER the Christmas break I decided to take my real first Facebook holiday since joining the social network site in 2007. I was sensing the need for an electronic rest and so completely switched off Facebook for one month. I am back on Facebook now but the short absence was invaluable and my approach to it is ... Read More »

Attend unto reading

TOWARDS the close of last year The Catholic Leader published a review of Brother Brian Grenier’s book Attend Unto Reading. The review was such that I determined to look into this publication further – maybe I could reduce the number of Christmas presents still to be bought.  On perusal of Br Grenier’s book where the review stated sales were available ... Read More »

‘Keeping both feet on the ground’

By Isaac Murphy MAHALIA Cassidy is the kind of person you’d have a half-hour chat to if you sat next to her on the train. In this conversation it’s also a fair chance Mahalia wouldn’t mention the fact that at 19 years of age she has already represented the Australian under-21 netball team and recently turned heads in the ANZ ... Read More »

Appreciating being Catholic today

WE have had many letters from committed Catholics in The Catholic Leader in recent weeks questioning the nature of the current state of Church life. What fascinates me is that these correspondents obviously attend Mass on a regular basis and yet never seem to hear much from the pulpit to stimulate their thinking and help them get some comfort in ... Read More »

Vision for better days

By Peter Bugden PETER Chapman is a man of “good days and better days”, and his days at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, over the past decade must surely count among his best. He finished at the esteemed boys’ college at the end of last year after being principal for 11 years. He was so highly regarded there that, at ... Read More »

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