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The unforgettable gift of life

Pamela Hayes

PAMELA Hayes felt overwhelmed with love when she held her first son tightly in her arms and wondered if being in Heaven felt the same way. The first-time mum, aged 25, wasn’t expecting this amount of love, and as she looked down at her child, she questioned her decision to give him up for adoption. Pam’s pregnancy in 1976 was ... Read More »

Devotion on show

ANYONE paying their respects at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, St Joachim’s, Holland Park, last week would have been pleased to see a beautiful bunch of freshly cut flowers at the statue’s feet. I was doing some tidying up around the grotto at the time the flowers were delivered. The car drove into the church ground with some ... Read More »

Praise be to you, Lord

Ladauto Si', the Hobbit and Tolkien

By Archbishop Charles Chaput THE First World War lingers in the memory as humanity’s first encounter with industrialised killing on a mass scale. New weapons of the machine age obliterated forests, villages and fields – an entire way of life. This new type of war also deeply shaped the thinking of men who experienced it first-hand. Among them were JRR Tolkien ... Read More »

A mother’s undying love

Hope amidst grief: Anthony, Jacinta and Michael Goodwin with a cherished photograph of young Joseph taken last Christmas.

By Paul Dobbyn DESPITE his tragic death several months ago, the presence of young Joseph Goodwin is still alive in his Oxley home. There’s his cheeky-faced photograph on the wall taken last Christmas, not long before his short two years and six months on earth ended, “just before Ash Wednesday”, as his father Anthony said. Then there’s “Joseph’s Way of ... Read More »

Encountering mystery

Spiritual journey: The Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood

By Fr Frank O’Dea I HAVE recently retired as parish priest at Cleveland on Moreton Bay in Queensland and have been offered the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom and Europe. One of the first places I was able to see was the magnificent northern Russian city of St Petersburg. During my stay, I visited the world-renowned Hermitage museum and ... Read More »

Promoting health

INTERNATIONAL Men’s Health Week runs ran from June 2015 15 – 21. Teaching young boys and men about drugs and alcohol and sexual health is a focus for Youth Off The Streets. Many parents view these topics as taboo, but we can’t just ignore potential dangers because they’re difficult to talk about.  I’ve seen many young men and boys at ... Read More »

Following the call

Growing order: Good Samaritan Sisters congregation leader Sr Clare Condon welcomes two novices, Sr Juniko Toaua and Sr Tuata Terawete to the order.

KIRIBATI women are embracing religious life as two more women joined the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict this month. Tuata Terawete and Juniko Toaua, of the Republic of Kiribati, are among the already nine women from their country who have joined the Good Samaritan Sisters. The two Kiribati-born and raised women took their First ... Read More »

Discernment not one size fits all

By Adam Burns WINTER has begun and it’s cold – so very cold. I wasn’t ready for it to be this cold. Maybe it’s my Filipino genes, maybe I’m just soft, but my body just doesn’t cope with the cooler climates of winter. Disappointingly, my once reliable collection of old hoodies and my only pair of track pants, which was ... Read More »

Dedicated to excellence

Passionate advocate: The image of Mike Byrne many students, teachers and others in the wider community will be familiar with.

By Paul Dobbyn “I’M not an aggressive banging-the-table type of person in negotiations with education funding; it’s more about having people understand the story of Catholic education.” Mike Byrne, who’s just retired after nine years at the helm of Queensland Catholic Education Commission, with these words gives an insight into many aspects of his character. Mike’s quietly spoken, but his ... Read More »

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