Monday, March 27, 2017
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Macbooks, monks and martyrs – the blogging Benedictine priest

“THERE are Benedictines, and then there are Benedictines.” Fr Hugh Somerville-Knapman believes he is the latter. “The English Benedictines are probably not known as being the most austere Benedictines and that, indeed, other monks have a nasty joke that EBC (English Benedictine Congregation) means Every Bodily Comfort,” Fr Hugh said. ... Read More »

Pope’s wise on ‘waste’

Pope Francis

Family  Faith by Selina Venier THERE’S much to love about Pope Francis. Not that there wasn’t much to love about the pontiffs before him, but it seems as though Our Holy Father is reaching those who may not have previously even noticed the Church and the supreme gift and potential ... Read More »

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