Friday, August 23, 2019
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Eucharist strengthens unity of Church

ROME (CNS): The Catholic Church believes the Eucharist is a sacrament that strengthens the unity of the Church because those who share Communion profess the same faith, said the Vatican's chief ecumenist...

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Pope sees memory of war as vital for peace

VATICAN CITY (CNS): History's most brutal and oppressive events, including Nazi Germany's aggression, must be remembered so as to help guide future generations along the path toward peace and reconciliation, said Pope Benedict XVI...

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Molokai nun beatified

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Mother Marianne Cope of Molokai was beatified at a Vatican liturgy that recalled her missionary spirit and her self-giving work among leprosy patients in Hawaii...

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Anglicans, Catholics agree over Mary

VATICAN CITY (CNS): While some Roman Catholics may need to exercise more care in their devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, honouring her and seeking her help are not practices that should separate Catholics and Anglicans, says a new joint statement...

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Ready to defend faith

ROME (CNS): The Pope's power is not absolute, but must be used to defend Church doctrine against attempts to water it down, Pope Benedict XVI said as he took possession of his cathedral as the Bishop of Rome...

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Swiss protection

VATICAN CITY (CNS): It may be one of the world's smallest armies, but the tiny corps of 110 men who protect the successor of Peter is big in spirit, said Pope Benedict XVI...

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First blessing for peace and unity

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Pope Benedict XVI delivered his first Sunday noon blessing and launched appeals for peace, for the defence of workers' rights and for unity between Catholic and Orthodox Christians...

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