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What has happened to tradition of honouring the Holy Name of Jesus?

Question Time with Fr John Flader When I was growing up I was taught to bow my head whenever I said or heard the name “Jesus”. I have noticed that some priests still bow their heads in Mass but no one else seems to do it anymore except for some ... Read More »

Inspiration drawn from Spanish nun

Question Time by Fr John Flader A friend recently lent me a book by a Spanish nun named Sr Josefa Menendez, which I am finding inspirational. I would like to know whether she and her writings have been approved by the Church. SR Josefa and her writings have been approved ... Read More »

People with mental illness can turn to St Dymphna

Question time by Father John Flader A friend recently told me she was praying to St Dymphna for her mother, who is suffering from a mental illness, since there is a tradition of praying to that saint for the mentally ill. Who is St Dymphna? THE first thing to say ... Read More »

The beauty of the Angelus

Question time by Fr John Flader In my daughter’s school they say the Angelus every day at noon. I was not familiar with the prayer but am very happy to know that they say it. My mother remembers saying it when the parish bells were rung at 6pm each day. ... Read More »

The story behind Our Lady of Good Success

Person lighting candle

QUESTION TIME with Father John Flader Q: A friend recently told me about devotion surrounding a statue in Ecuador known as Our Lady of Good Success and about a 17th century nun associated with it who had revelations about the 20th century which have proved very accurate. Can you tell ... Read More »

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