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Making sense of Divine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy image

APRIL 30 in the new millennium went down in history as the happiest day in Pope John Paul II’s life. The pope had just declared a fellow Polish Catholic a saint, and he made a surprise announcement, offering the universal Church a new feast day, to be celebrated every second Sunday of Easter. This new feast was at the request ... Read More »

The family fully alive

Cathy and Matt Bourke

 Darwin couple to represent Australia at world meeting WE believe it takes a village to raise a child and so much of our village is the Church, Cathy and Matt Bourke told the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference recently. “Raising families is an extremely vulnerable time of life and possibly the hardest job to get right. It is the most important ... Read More »

A seed of confidence

‘Daughter of Australia, saint for every land’ This is Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s homily from the of St Mary Of The Cross MacKillop mass in St Stephen’s Cathedral on August 8. WE may not walk on our heads, but the Antipodes are famously topsy-turvy.   Nothing here is as it should be, which is why the first European settlers found Australia so ... Read More »

Striking balance brings benefits

By David McGovern So, how are those New Year resolutions going? Nearly one month down and are you beating yourself up with self-recrimination or are you giving yourself a pat on the back with a job well done? At the time of writing, many of our peers in the education sector are gearing up for the return of students, to ... Read More »

Do Catholics worship statues?


APOLOGETICS By JOSEPH W. MOLONEY PEOPLE still make the ridiculous claim that “Catholics worship statues.” In Exodus, God said: “You shall not make for yourself a graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: you shall not bow down to ... Read More »

God’s call goes into the deep

fr morgan batt

By FR MORGAN BATT “GO out to the whole world”. Reflecting on the Gospel for October 17, Pope Francis encouraged us to not be afraid of going out and engaging in the world. Surely this is also the message behind our universal Church’s Year of Faith that has come to a close in celebration but the message goes into the ... Read More »

Jesus’ story changes ours

randazzo, msgr tony new

By MONSIGNOR ANTHONY RANDAZZO EVANGELISATION is all the rave at the moment. It seems that every time you hear a churchperson speak, the word appears somewhere in the talk. But evangelisation does not happen simply by repeating the word “evangelisation” over and over again. The Good News of Jesus Christ, the only news which is good for all people, is ... Read More »

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